An innovative hybrid model promoting the optimal health of your organization

With our HUMA+ 365 program you get the best of both worlds

Facilitating and Empowering

Connecting, Assessing, Teaching, Monitoring and Motivating people to achieve their Health and Wellbeing Goals.

Join our Connected Health Community

Help your organization and your employees to be healthy and function optimally.

Our app allows file sharing, apps syncing, progress monitoring, secure messaging, and videoconferencing

Health assistance in real time

Our app allows you to connect in different ways.

Consistent support and attention

Coordinate and communicate with your care team - to support your goals, monitor your progress, and help you find solutions.

Accessible quality health care

We’ve created the most efficient programs, using the best tools to support our patients and professionals.

How does this work?

HUMA+ 365 yearly subscription

Our basic yearly plan that includes telehealth, a patient portal and the support of a Health Navigator* for all of your employees.

* A professional who helps evaluate potential health risks, set objectives, recommends actions for
improvement, monitor progress, and provide follow-up during the year. Your employees are no longer alone trying to navigate the health care journey.

Health and medical assessment on demand

We perform anonymous surveys to document the state of wellness of your organization, and provide educational initiatives aimed at areas of need. The option of individual medical evaluations are also available and case management if necessary. In addition, the physician associated with the company can assist dealing with absenteeism issues in
the workplace.

Specialized programs on demand

Personalized, programs such as Weight or Pain Management, are available based on each individual need. Supported by a multidisciplinary health team providing the maximum of support to achieve health objectives.

Launch Promotions

First 3 months free
($75 value per employee)
– no risk contract may terminate within 3 months
and pay only for services delivered.

Free flu vaccination
($45 value per employee)

Subscriptions also include preferred rates:
– Volume discounts
– 10% reduction on fees for program assessments

Westmount Square Medical Center

WSMC has been helping people and organizations since 1998, and we’re just getting started. With HUMA+, we’re moving to a hybrid approach to corporate health care, with a multidisciplinary telehealth program, creating a more efficient, effective and satisfying experience for our clients and health professionals.

Join today and gain access to personalized quality healthcare for your organization!